USB Pens South Africa

September 2015

Stylus Pen

Stylus Pen South Africa- An awesome item to say the least, something needed in this modern technology driven world of ours, the USB Stylus Pen is a useful branded pen option that offers a 3-in-1 branded gift solution. A brilliant end of year gift idea, this is a cost-effective yet efficient marketing tool, to say the least.

  • Ballpoint Pen
  • 4GB USB Flash Drive
  • Soft touch screen stylus
  • Presented in Metal Tin

A popular USB option from Brand Innovation, this tech-savvy pen option makes for a fantastic and entirely useful branded gift. Well-suited to the office environment, this item has the capabilities of a ballpoint pen, a 4GB USB flash drive as well as a handy touch screen stylus. The ideal modern, cost-effective gift for the office, something that staff members and clients are sure to love, this silver pen makes daily work a little bit easier- giving you a tool to take care of all your document and note taking needs.
A perfect item for meetings, allowing you to write, use a tablet effectively and store data freely, this awesome USB Stylus Pen is presented in a good-looking presentation box, giving you a complete corporate gift that looks good and can be used constantly on a day to day basis.
A hugely popular corporate branded gift for clients and staff members alike, this is an all-inclusive gift that lets you keep one simple item in your pocket rather than three separate ones. With laser engraving for branding, this stylish, clean cut gift is a visible and often used branded promotional item.
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July 2015

USB Flash Drive Pen

USB Flash Drive Pen- A new and innovative corporate gift idea from Brand Innovation, the awesome USB Pen with Stylus is a brilliant creative corporate gift idea of end of year gift for staff members. A wonderful 3-in-1 ballpoint pen with a stylus and 4GB flash drive at the back end, this is a great branded item for the office environment and one that can be used daily.


The pen itself is a much needed item on a daily basis, but the addition of the touchscreen stylus and USB flash drive make it an office worthy item that comes in use more often than not. With the stylus working on all touch screen devices, be it tablets or smartphones, and the memory card to boot, this is an all it one style pen that makes your office meetings a breeze. An awesome branded item that clients will love, this small-sized gift gives you everything you could ever want from a pen.

With your branding displayed proudly on the body of this fantastic pen, clients and customers will love to use and show off this awesome piece. Giving back to stakeholder, strengthening business relationships, and marketing your brand freely, this is an all-encompassing marketing tool that is perfect for promotional gifting.


To order this branded USB Flash Drive Pen, or to find out about our other branded gift options, e-mail us at

This is a fantastic, quirky and super useful corporate gift. It looks like a credit card, but with a quick flip, it turns into a handy USB flash drive.

March 2014


Benefits of a Flash Drive Pen

Looking for the perfect promo item? The Flash Drive Pen is a super cool product supplied by Brand Innovation around South Africa.
Not only is it:

  • a pen
  • USB flash drive

But it is also a stylus. Styluses are soft, rubber nubs usually situated on pen-like implements used to navigate your touch screen devices more easily. Gone are the days of large fingers fumbling over words and getting in the way.
How great is that?
You get 3 useful items ALL IN ONE!
Features of the Flash Disk Pen:

  • The pen is a ballpoint with black ink
  • and provides a smooth, enjoyable writing experience.
  • The flash disk part is a 4GB USB disk,
  • that can be used to store important office files and information and be carried around to where needed.
  • Touch screen Stylus
  • perfect tool to use on your iPad, touch phones and other tablets.
  • Mim. Order Qty: 25

Brand Innovation supplies branding for these memory stick pens with styluses.
Our most popular way of branding these 3-in-1 pens are by engraving them with:

  • Brands
  • Titles
  • Names
  • Initials
  • Slogans
  • Logos
  • Messages

This item is a perfect promo item, but can also be a great corporate gift. Contact us at Brand Innovation by following this link – – and speak to our staff. We are happy to assist you in any way we can. Remember to ask for specials that might have running!



December 2013

Usb stylus pens are the perfect corporate gift

A 4GB usb, ball point pen and stylus all in one. This promo item is perfect for the executive business person who has everything.

We can do a personalized engraving of your client's name for you or we can engrave your company logo on this pen. A usb memory stick together with a pen and stylus is perfect for the person who has an iPad or smart phone. A pen for an iPad is really useful. A usb pen can also be called a pen drive or usb drive. We carry a large amount of stock, so can also assist you with your engraved usb stylus pens at short notice.

Who would this gift be perfect for?

Well, anyone in the media industry would love a gift like this.
I know a rugby journalist who was given one and he loved it. A university student, young business person, not so young business person, anyone who ever uses a usb memory stick, ball point pen or stylus!
We engrave the usb pen for you and we deliver door to door throughout South Africa. So if you are  situated in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, Stellenbosch or even in another country in Africa, we can assist you with your corporate gift usb stylus pens.  Before you order, we send you the artwork to approve via email and then we proceed with engraving when you give the go ahead.
We are a friendly and motivated team who love to delight our clients, so give us a call now or send us an email at

The usb stylus pen is presented in a silver tin and it is always great to receive or give a gift that comes in nice packaging. Should you require refills for the ball point pen, we can also supply these at a very reasonable cost to you.

We value our clients and enjoy building strong relationships that grow and stand the test of time.
We are a big enough team that if someone is not here, we can still assist you. Our team is also not too big. This ensures an extremely personal service.

What is the lead time from placement of order? The general lead time for you to get your usb stylus pens is 7 working days


5 Feb, 2013


Why is a USB Stylus Pen a great marketing product?

Three useful products combined in one pen! Wow! How cool!

The USB Stylus Pen is a great way to market your business. When you open up your USB Stylus Pen you will find a very useful USB flash drive.

The USB stylus pen also has the function of a standard black ball point pen.

Nowadays more and more people have a touch screen phone or iPad and will be grateful for the stylus at the end of the USB stylus pen!

To order this amazing marketing product email us email us at or call us on 0861 111 954. We deliver directly to your office.

The logo's do not come off, so whenever the recipient uses the pen or the flash drive, they will think of you.

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Flash Drive Pen

29 Jan, 2013


Pens with flash drives are great marketing items. We engrave your company logo on the pens.

The logo's do not come off, so whenever the recipient uses the pen or the flash drive, they will think of you.

Order your pens with flash drives today!


USB Flash Drive Pen Corporate Gifts

15 Jan, 2013


These make awesome corporate gifts. They can also be used by schools as a gift for grade 12 learners who are leaving school.

Journalists also love the usb flash drive pens as a gift. 

Please do email us with your usb flash drive pen orders. Please email us at

We will be updating our usb flash drive pen blog on a regular basis to keep you up to date with our stock and what is new.

At present, August 2012, we have a large quantity of the 8GB silver usb flash drive pens in stock. 


This multi-functional memory stick USB ballpoint pen with laser pointer is a great corporate gift and perfect for branding.  

For other USB devices and flash drives please visit our USB Flash Drive Website.